Matching Native App Performance on the Web

Web Performance
Location: Hilton 1-6 Level: Intermediate

Over the last 18 months the FT has led the way with HTML5 technologies, producing one of the world’s most celebrated pure-web experiences. Along the way, we’ve developed techniques for improving the performance of our web interfaces, building in platform specific variations, A/B testing and handling errors.

At the same time, there has been a proliferation of sites that have increasingly tried to emulate native look and feel, but end up with something that doesn’t feel quite right. Rather than trying to copy, it pays to find a design that works for you and which you can implement really well.

I’ll cover techniques involving technologies such as application cache, font preloading, data URIs, data compression, image optimisation and dynamic runtime configuration.

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Andrew Betts


Andrew is a PHP and JavaScript developer, web standards advocate and founder of FT Labs, an emerging web technologies division of the Financial Times. His area of expertise is emerging web technologies, particularly on mobile and tablet platforms, where his team created the FT web app, now well known globally as one of the best examples of what can be achieved with HTML5.


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