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SoundCloud delivers an HTML5 audio playback widget that is embedded in millions of websites across the internet. Learn how we organized our teams to bring operations specialists closer to web specialists to improve availability, performance and over-all user experience. Of course, such improvements need to be measured. Once our measurement goals were identified, the metrics of the YouTube widget were compared to the SoundCloud widget to gain more insight in global performance from synthetic and real-user measurements.

By starting with a baseline of another popular media delivery widget, we could tune our measuring technique along side our delivery. We then applied the same techniques to our mobile and desktop websites. Learn what techniques were used and what insight we gained to apply to your own measurement and delivery.

Photo of Sean  Treadway

Sean Treadway

Soundcloud Ltd

Sean is an early engineer at SoundCloud and currently helps architecting the present and future developments of the worlds leading audio platform.

Photo of Alexander Grosse

Alexander Grosse


Alexander is currently VP Engineering at SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform. Before SoundCloud he worked as R&D director at Nokia, where he headed Places Development at Nokia’s Location Services and had overall responsibility for the Operations department. Alexander has worked in a wide range of positions (Development, Consulting, CTO) in the software industry since 1996, including co-founding two start-ups.He holds a Masters in computer science from the University of Oldenburg and an Executive MBA from FOM Berlin. Besides computer science Alexander works(ed) as a techno DJ in Berlin’s party scene.


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