A Web Perf Dashboard: Up & Running in 90 Minutes

Web Performance
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As part of this workshop, we will cover the essentials for creation and building a Web Performance dashboard. This with ultimate goal of providing the audience a framework for designing and building a web performance dashboard, including a working demo to use as reference.

Where the excellent session of Aaron Kulick and Cliff Crocker at Velocity Conference in June 2012 introduced various (open source) tools to collect and build a dashboard for Wallmart, this session will try to add a new dimension with design guidelines for building a dashboard that will be used throughout your company, regardless tools used. The session will cover the following 3 items:

  • Design guidelines: What defines a web performance dashboard? How to make sure it’s actionable and for people to actually use it on day to day basis?
  • Data collection: Why performance data? The various ways there are to collect data (e.g. synthetic versus RUM data, Webpagetest, Mobile) and how to correlate the different types of data and tools
  • Building the dashboard: How to build the actual dashboard, providing an overview of the tools/techniques used

At the end of the workshop you will be able to design and build your own dashboard based on the framework provided, or to optimize the current dashboards within your organization.

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Jeroen Tjepkema


Jeroen Tjepkema is a serial entrepreneur and founder of @GrowthTribe, @MeasureWorks, a startup mentor and public speaker. With MeasureWorks the focus is on speed, usability and analytics. With GrowthTribe he enables companies to find their zero day exploit and build sustainable growth engines. As startup mentor he helps companies accelerate their quest for the right online strategy and product market fit. Next to this, Jeroen is a regular speaker and active in (co-)organizing events such as Startup&Measure, Dutch Web Performance meetup and Webperfdays Amsterdam. Connect with Jeroen on linkedin.


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