Optimize Your Website for China in 45 Minutes

Operations and Culture
Location: Buckingham Room Level: Intermediate

Carriers interconnectivity. Carriers and related networking issues inside China. State of broadband. China broadband speed broken down by region. IP-Carrier location challenge in Asia: Finding the best routing policies for China and Asia.
Characteristics of the Great Firewall. How to avoid being affected by it.
China Internet licensing requirement. Do you need it?
DNS. How to accurate identify visitor from within China. China carrier IP assign policy
Use of tools and services (both paid and free) to monitor performance in China (down to regional level.
Track: Web performance or Operation
China Internet market continues to grow at breathtaking rates with western companies entering into the market. Yet, there are lack of publicly available information on how to navigate unique telecom and regulatory landscape. We collected the most often heard questions and concerns from our customers into a presentation on some key fundamental steps to optimize website for the China market.
The talk will appeal to those involved in operation experience, particularly for international web properties. It requires the audience to have some IT background.

Adam Cheng


Adam Cheng, Director of CDN Operation for ChinaCache North America, has been with ChinaCache for over 11 years helping multinational firms deliver their content inside China. He currently manages ChinaCache’s global network as well as China CDN for webcaching and large file download. He has extensive experience in China related web performance optimization.


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