Rolling out Real User Monitoring at Telefónica Germany

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Telefónica Germany, best known for its consumer brand o2 (, operate several Web portals for prospects, customers, service agents, and business partners. With 3 million PageViews a day, their Web portals are an integral part of nearly all major business processes.

Performance is a critical factor that directly influences conversion rates and revenue of a Web portal. Thus performance is a major requirement that adds specific effort to the entire Web development process. Telefónica Germany use a variety of tools to ensure and verify that performance requirements are met. In 2012 we rolled out “Real User Monitoring” based on the recent “Navigation Timing API” adding a new aspect to Web page monitoring that no other approach provides.

“Real User Monitoring” takes place right in your users’ browsers – measuring your users’ true experience when accessing your Web pages. This captures all factors, e.g., bandwidth, network latency, hardware, protocol, banners, tracking pixel, mashups, browser extensions – allowing new findings, e.g.,

  • How many users actually load a particular page in up to 2.5 seconds?
  • How many users does our portal actually reach (coverage), i.e., how many users do we abandon due to their limited bandwidth?
  • Does my portal actually meet service level agreements (SLAs)?

This session addresses the following questions:

  • Navigation Timing API – What does it do?
  • How to choose the right parameters
  • How to implement the sensor
  • How to send the data to the server
  • How much data is needed
  • Which pages should be measured?
  • Which key performance indicators (KPIs) make sense?
  • Which service level agreements (SLAs) make sense?
  • What did we learn from real users’ performance data?

This session reports on the introduction of “Real User Monitoring” at Telefónica Germany. It provides experience and learnings, practical tips, dos and don’ts. Attendees will walk away with a clear unterstanding of “Real User Monitoring” based on the “Navigation Timing API”, its benefits and limitations, and how it can be implemented.

Frank Thelen

Telefónica Germany

Frank Thelen is senior project manager at Telefónica Germany. In recent years he has worked in Web projects, e.g., the company’s portals for its fixed network products ( His work focuses on requirements analysis, scrum, and test management.

Photo of Oliver Ochs

Oliver Ochs

Holisticon AG - Member of Sigma Group

Oliver Ochs is head of software architecture of Holisticon AG (, a management and IT consulting company in Hamburg, Germany. During the last years he worked in projects as developer, architect and project leader supporting teams with his comprehensive and detailed knowledge in JavaScript, content management systems and Web portals based on Java. Furthermore he is experienced in giving professional trainings and coachings. He has been recently focussing on modern Web development and new aspects of JavaScript.

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Frank Thelen
4/10/2012 12:12 BST

Please find our slides here:

Arthur Zavalkovsky
4/10/2012 11:11 BST

Unfortunately, I missed the session. would it be possible to get the presentation and maybe have a chat with the presenters?

Kind regards,



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