The BBC's experience of the London 2012 Olympics

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We don’t know how the 2012 Olympics went, but we do know it has had a major impact on the BBC’s web architecture.

This talk will cover how the BBC managed (or didn’t) to handle a major sporting event alongside mantaining business as usual on the same shared hosting platform with tight budgetary constraints.

  • An overview of the BBC architecture before and after.
  • What steps we took in the run up to The Games to prepare.
  • An overview of how we profile problems in our technology stack.
  • Personalisation at a large scale.

Topics very likely to come up:

  • Preparing to push BBC to CDN.
  • Problems we encountered during The Games.
  • Web Security; Bejing Olympics reportedly had 12M cyber attacks during the games!
  • What we would have done differently.
  • What we didn’t have time or money to do.
  • Caching, Cookies and Varnish.
  • Monitoring and Logging.
  • Pretty graphs!
Photo of Andrew Brockhurst

Andrew Brockhurst


Andy “Bob” Brockhurst has been working in I.T. for 20 years and has been a jobbing programmer for nearly 15 of those years.

Currently is a Principal Engineer the BBC having previously spent nearly five years at Yahoo! working on Search and the Yahoo! Homepage.

At the BBC he is a member of the Frameworks/Platforms team who are responsible for Apache, PHP, Varnish and Zend Framework, some other core libraries and frameworks, the global BBC Header/Footer and some Java services thrown in for good measure.

He is also a father, husband, hacker, maker, tinkerer, marksman, brewer and charity worker.

He is addicted to anything to do with robots, space, robots, science, tech and robots.


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