Beyond Desired-State Configuration Management

Operations and Culture
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In the very different environment of the 1990s, the speaker introduced that concepts of desired-state management and convergent repair, which formed the basis for tools like CFEngine, Puppet and Chef. Today, the industry has evolved considerably, and Mark Burgess is not standing still. In this talk, he asks: what are the next steps for IT infrastructure tech?

What will happen to the Cloud?
What will happen to devops?
What will be the role of humans and machines?
What will the mature IT environment look like?

We must make do with incomplete information about our systems, and still make the best of it. With examples from CFEngine 3, the speaker presents a view of the next ten years for IT infrastructure engineering.

Photo of Mark Burgess

Mark Burgess


Mark Burgess is the founder, CTO and principal author of Cfengine. He is Professor of Network and System Administration at Oslo University College and has led the way in theory and practice of automation and policy based management for 20 years. In the 1990s he underlined the importance of idempotent, autonomous desired state management (“convergence”) and formalised cooperative systems in the 2000s (“promise theory”). He is the author of numerous books and papers on Network and System Administration and has won several prizes for his work.


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