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9:40 a.m. FITB: Network Graphing Done Right —
Laurie Denness.

Fed up with overly complex graphing tools? Want a simple but powerful way to monitor bandwidth throughout your infrastructure? FITB (fit-bee, or “fill in the blank”) is a tool designed to make polling every switch and router in your network easier, simpler to find, and with more detail than previously possible.

9:48 a.m. Deep Dive Browser Diagnostics —
Andreas Grabner.

Modern web applications require us to do more than just monitor network traffic. In a Web 2.0 world JavaScript execution and rendering times become increasingly important. Learn how you can use dynaTrace Ajax Edition to optimize your client side to ensure optimal performance. We will walk through a specific example to show how to find what makes your site slow and how to optimize it.

Photo of Andreas Grabner

Andreas Grabner


Andreas Grabner has 10 years experience as an architect and developer in the Java and .NET space. In his current role, Andi works as a Technology Strategist for dynaTrace Software in the Methods and Technology team. In his role he influences the dynaTrace product strategy and works closely with customers in implementing performance management solutions across the entire application lifecycle. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences on performance and architecture related topics and regularly publishes articles blogs on

Photo of Laurie Denness

Laurie Denness

Bloomberg LP

Laurie Denness is a British Technical Team Lead, currently working at Bloomberg LP, previously staff operations engineer at Etsy. He can often be seen looking at or creating graphs, stalking his coworkers to collect on-call sleep-habit data, or using multiple CDNs for fun and profit. Laurie likes graphs, Hadoop clusters, monitoring, and sarcasm. He once wore a onesie while giving a talk about how on-calls affect your employees and ways to fix it at 2014’s Velocity CA. Earlier in his career, he enjoyed streaming mp3s to millions of people at



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