Quality of Service (QoS) for Web Applications

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This session will demonstrate how many networking concepts and techniques related to Quality of Service (QoS) can be mapped and applied to web clients, web services, applications and runtimes providing an end-to-end resource management conceptual framework that offers resource protection (via call shaping & policing) as well as request prioritization based on contextual & dynamic classification. It puts forward the argument for applications to be viewed more like the underlying networking layer, adopting many traffic engineering and quality of service optimizations techniques. It presents a mapping guide from one domain to another and then shows how this has been implemented in a solution that offers a production QoS solution for applications developed in Java, Scala, JRuby/Ruby and Jython/Python as well as all other JVM languages and eventually other runtimes/platforms including Microsoft’s .NET/Azure.

This session will also outline how QoS as applied to runtimes can be mapped to all execution points in the delivery of web based software services from client devices to backend services. It will demonstrate a working proof of concept using Apache web servers and app containers.

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The Application is the New Network

QoS for Apps in the Cloud and Enterprise

Photo of William Louth

William Louth

Autoletics BV

William is the product architect of JINSPIRED’s innovative application performance management
and resource metering solution – JXInsight/OpenCore. OpenCore is the first production-ready activity based costing and multi-resource metering & charge back solution that spans the complete application lifecycle supporting enterprise, grid and the cloud computing platforms. He has previously worked for Borland and has provided technical advisory consultancy to many of the leading JVM & IT management vendors in the area of
performance management, software runtime visualization, application deployment tooling and CMDB R&D.

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William Louth
10/11/2011 18:31 CET

The much more relevant demo I did not get time to perform is documented in the blog entry below though in a mock form.

Fairer Web Page Servicing with QoS Performance Credits opencore.jinspired.com/?p=5764

Picture of William Louth
William Louth
10/11/2011 18:03 CET

Thanks Ian and Paul,

Not trying to excuse myself completely here but my session was shortened because of the previous speaking over running and I had pretty much lost my voice because of a very bad eye/throat infection.

Clearly I took on far too much in such a session going from performance measurement/collection, feedback/loops, self adaption, metering and then QoS. But to be honest my goal was to inspire people to think differently about how they tackle app mgmt today in terms of performance and control. I wanted to give them a glimpse of what is achievable (what we have done).

I dumbed down the slides because I was concerned that people might think it was a sales pitch but it looks like I went too far. Sorry.

Ian McDowall
10/11/2011 17:52 CET

Agreed with comment from Paul. There was some thought-provoking material here but some of the concepts could have been developed further.

Paul Nasrat
10/11/2011 10:45 CET

There was a lot of great material and conceptual stuff in this talk – applying machine learning, feedback and the leap in thinking of applications in terms of QoS.

From discussion with others I think some attendees found it hard to join up the abstract with the concrete. A less trivial demo may have helped.



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  • Keynote Systems
  • New Relic
  • Citrix Systems
  • Google
  • Apica
  • AppDynamics
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  • Cotendo
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