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Jonathan Klein

Jonathan Klein
Director of Engineering , Attend

Website | @jonathanklein

Jonathan is a software engineer at Etsy, where he focuses on solving web performance and scalability challenges. Prior to working at Etsy he spent almost four years at Wayfair, where he led the team that converted the primary tech stack to PHP/Lighttpd/FreeBSD. He started and organizes the Boston Web Performance Meetup Group, and he contributes to a few open source projects, including the HTTPArchive and CSSLint. Jonathan blogs regularly at and can be found on Twitter at @jonathanklein.


Mission City Ballroom B1
Jonathan Klein (Attend)
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We’ve all heard about the new standards that are being developed to speed up the web - SPDY, WebP, Client Hints, pre-fetching, and more. Unfortunately, support for these technologies is weak across browsers and CDNs, which hamstrings implementation efforts. This talk will quantify the value of these optimizations, and provide a suggested path for driving adoption. Read more.
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Jonathan Klein (Attend)
Are you interested in improving the Web by driving adoption of new standards? Come talk with Jonathan about what you can do to move the Web forward. He’ll answer questions about server-side improvements (like SPDY and HTTP Origin/Hop Hints), browser changes (like support for WebP, Client Hints, and prefetching), and any other technologies related to performance. Read more.