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Ryn Daniels

Ryn Daniels
Senior Software Engineer, HashiCorp

Website | @rynchantress

Katherine is an operations engineer at, where she focuses on automation and monitoring while occasionally dabbling in beer-driven development. Before escaping to the world of operations at NYC-based startups, she spent a few years doing QA and systems engineering in the corporate world. She lives in Brooklyn with a perfectly reasonable number of cats, and in her spare time can often be found rock climbing or making hot sauce.


Ryn Daniels (HashiCorp)
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Devops originated as a movement to break down silos between devs and ops in order to reduce risk, encourage communication, and focus more on core business issues instead of firefighting. But these aren’t the only silos that can exist. At GameChanger we went even farther, moving towards vertical, project-focused teams that greatly improved our ability to deliver both web and mobile features. Read more.