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Benjamin Greenberg

Benjamin Greenberg
Software Engineer, Comcast Interactive Media


Ben has been writing software since he was in short pants. After obtaining his degree in Computer Engineering and beginning to wear long pants, he became an experienced full-stack web developer working with a variety of open source technologies. He has since become focused on backend development and especially APIs.

He currently works at Comcast where he develops APIs that drive video streaming across many platforms for millions of customers. He resides in Philadelphia with his fiancée and too many cats.


Grand Ballroom ABCD
Benjamin Greenberg (Comcast Interactive Media)
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Hypermedia APIs sound good for mobile development: they can change without breaking old clients, caching is easy, and they promote rapid development. But how do we stay true to hypermedia, minimize round trips, AND keep responses small and cacheable? This session will discuss how and why we built our API the hypermedia way, and how we addressed the needs of the modern mobile app while doing it. Read more.
Office Hours
Table 1 (Exhibit Hall)
Benjamin Greenberg (Comcast Interactive Media)
Come on by and learn details about building and using a Hypermedia API. Benjamin will talk to you about their benefits and pitfalls, including how you can build, consume, and scale a Hypermedia API. You’ll also find out how to build a human-browsable API. Read more.