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Dale Hamel

Dale Hamel
Operations Developer / SRE, Shopify

Website | @dalehamel

Dale Hamel is a Linux and Open Source Software advocate with a background in system operations, administration, and development.

Well known for creating the Open Source media centre “RasPlex” for Raspberry Pi, Dale believe strongly in the open source community and has experience managing Open Source projects.

At his day job, he helps take care of Shopify, a growing eCommerce platform based out of Ottawa, Canada.


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Dale Hamel (Shopify)
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Keeping track of a fleet of servers is time consuming and poor techniques, such a spreadsheets, lead to headaches as your infrastructure grows. A single Source of Truth is invaluable in capacity planning and for maintenance. We'll discuss how we used various open source tools to maintain our own source of truth, and how doing so enabled us to automate and streamline our infrastructure management. Read more.