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Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris
Interaction Designer, Nationwide

Nicole is an Interaction Design Consultant at Nationwide, responsible for overseeing large projects and uniting disparate departments within the organization. Her expertise lies in establishing repeatable frameworks that can be carried out across IT and User Experience teams. With a focus on forward-thinking scalable solutions, Nicole spends her time designing interface solutions and creating defined digital strategies. She has a masters in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech.


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Nicole Harris (Nationwide), Brian Greene (Nationwide)
Effecting change in the enterprise is no mean feat. Nicole and Brian are ready to share their recent experience at Nationwide Insurance, particularly on ways to influence processes inside a large organization. They’ll discuss the keys to success and lessons learned from making an enterprise responsive. Read more.
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Nicole Harris (Nationwide), Brian Greene (Nationwide)
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Effecting change in a large organization can be challenging; a bit like trying to steer a ship with a paddle. We will discuss how to influence processes inside a large organization while addressing the challenges and opportunities of how a responsive site is designed, developed, and tested. Read more.