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Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen
Site Reliability Engineer, LinkedIn

Website | @drkurta

Kurt has been actively involved with open source for over 20 years. One of my earliest involvements was instigating the PERL DBI/DBD specification in the early ‘90s. Since then I’ve been active in the email community, working on standards (such as SPF and DMARC) and I am currently a senior member of LinkedIn’s site reliability engineering organization.


Kurt Andersen (LinkedIn)
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Technical debt can be as simple as not keeping up with new releases of FOSS software. Using experiences from LinkedIn's history of open source, Kurt will illustrate the tradeoffs between the "stick with an existing version" option or the "let's keep up to date" option. The goal is to help participants look at these choices for their own environments and be able to make informed decisions. Read more.