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Diego Ferreiro

Diego Ferreiro
Principal Architect, Salesforce

Website | @diervo

Diego Ferreiro is a Lead Front end and Web UI performance engineer at Salesforce. He was previously at Yahoo!, working in the Search Platform Team migrating the architecture to use NodeJS and Mojito.

Diego spend his days worrying about web performance, 60fps animations, and making the UI faster.


Mission City Ballroom B1
Diego Ferreiro (Salesforce)
Average rating: ****.
(4.65, 20 ratings)
In this session we will learn with real examples how we can build really complex UI, leveraging all the power of the GPU, manipulating the DOM in a smart and efficient way, and understanding, debugging, and minimizing the browser's rendering lifecycle. Read more.
Office Hours
Table 1 (Exhibit Hall)
Diego Ferreiro (Salesforce)
Average rating: *****
(5.00, 1 rating)
Creating complex UI components has always been a challenge on the Web, but Diego is here to help. He’ll talk to you about how the GPU works on the browser, and dive into topics such as the browser rendering process, building performant UI components, debugging tools for different devices/platforms, and the usage and APIs of the new scroller revealed in his presentation. Read more.