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Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov
Engineer, Facebook

Website | @stoyanstefanov

Stoyan Stefanov ( is a Facebook engineer focusing on performance of social plugins (e.g. Like button). Speaker, author (JavaScript Patterns, Object-Oriented JavaScript, contributor to Even Faster Web Sites and High-Performance JavaScript) and blogger. Previous projects include YSlow 2.0 and image optimizer. Curator of’s yearly calendar.


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Stoyan Stefanov (Facebook)
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Minification is among the simplest, most straighforward optimizations you can do to improve performance, by simply reducing the number of bytes you send to the browser. Minifying CSS is even more important because, while JavaScript and images can wait, CSS is directly in the critical path of initial rendering and in the way of making your ever-so-important first impression to the user. Read more.
Office Hours
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Stoyan Stefanov (Facebook)
If minification is on your mind, come by and chat with Stoyan about this simple, straightforward means of optimization. He’s ready to talk to you about what works and what doesn’t when minifying CSS code, how to write code that leads to better compression, and details about the process of parsing, understanding, and reducing CSS code. Read more.