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Ori Rawlings

Ori Rawlings
Software Engineer, Orbitz Worldwide


Ori Rawlings is a Senior Software Engineer in the Hotel Infrastructure and Platform team at Orbitz Worldwide. His current focus is site stability, scalability, and performance.


Greg Burton (Orbitz Worldwide), Ori Rawlings (Orbitz Worldwide)
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Faced with a need to significantly increase capacity, we realized that the prevailing bottlenecks were not being addressed because they were conceptually beyond the scope of individual teams. This session covers how we pivoted to a DevOps mentality and what we found in the cracks between our organization's development and operations responsibilities, including a commitment to performance testing. Read more.
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Ori Rawlings (Orbitz Worldwide), Greg Burton (Orbitz Worldwide)
Bring Ori and Greg all of your follow-up questions about their talk on “How Shifting to a DevOps Culture Enabled Performance and Capacity Improvements.” They’re ready tackle DevOps, performance tuning and optimization of backend systems, and questions about Orbitz Worldwide. Read more.