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Tobias Baldauf

Tobias Baldauf
Senior Web Performance Solutions Architect, Akamai Technologies

Website | @tbaldauf

Tobias Baldauf is a web-performance consultant with a passion for full stack web development. He created vital interfaces for European train-operations, tools for the world’s largest peering exchange and gives talks and workshops on web performance.


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Tobias Baldauf (Akamai Technologies)
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Image assets are a major impediment to page load times. Best practices for common image compression have been evangelized. To further reduce image bytesize, we have to get creative: discover how to apply lossy compression to lossless formats, automatically detect good compression levels, and learn how disciplines like computer vision and machine learning can help us to improve image compression. Read more.
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Tobias Baldauf (Akamai Technologies)
Want to get optimal performance without sacrificing your images? Come by and talk to Tobias about the newest image formats, and how you can be creative with image compression techniques. He’s also available to discuss front-end performance optimization, as well as performance audits and monitoring. Read more.