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Eddie Canales

Eddie Canales
Senior Software Engineer, CrossChx


I’ve been a software engineer at for 10 years and I’m recently focusing on front-end web development in Node/Angular/Bootstrap. I’m a web speed enthusiast and so my desire in life is to build, as my 5 year old once said, “something as cool as a cheetah wearing a rocket pack and roller skates.”


Mission City Ballroom B1
Eddie Canales (CrossChx)
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Faster pages...profit! Right? Despite what common sense and every case study might tell you, we found out that isn't always true. When you get 25 million visitors a month and make a lot of your money from advertising (the enemy of speed), you have tons of opportunity/obligation to understand which kinds of speed matter. This is a story about hope, disappointment, discovery, and triumph. Read more.