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Office Hour with Alex Nicksay (YouTube), Steven Robertson (YouTube), and Rick Viscomi (YouTube)

Alex Nicksay (YouTube), Steven Robertson (YouTube), Rick Viscomi (Google)
Office Hours
Table 3 (Exhibit Hall)

YouTube videos are playing 40% faster than last year. Alex, Steven, and Rick are happy to discuss the front-end optimization techniques they used to make these improvements, and talk about:

  • Their new HTML5 framework for page navigation that enables many of their performance improvements
  • Implementing dynamic page loads with persistent content (like video players!) and dynamic prefetching, while maintaining fast server-side rendering at scale
  • Prioritizing and balancing critical network activity to start critical content faster without losing functionality
Photo of Alex Nicksay

Alex Nicksay


Alex Nicksay is a senior engineer at Google, currently leading the front-end performance team at YouTube. Prior to focusing on making YouTube fast, Alex was the lead developer of the YouTube Watch page, and since joining YouTube in 2008, he has designed much of YouTube’s front-end architecture.

Photo of Steven Robertson

Steven Robertson


Steve is a media streaming engineer working on annihilating buffering at YouTube.

Photo of Rick Viscomi

Rick Viscomi


Rick Viscomi is an engineer with Google’s developer relations team, focusing on web transparency and maintaining the HTTP Archive. In a past life Rick helped make YouTube fast and co-authored the O’Reilly book “Using WebPageTest”.