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Office Hour with Ori Rawlings (Orbitz Worldwide) and Greg Burton (Orbitz Worldwide)

Ori Rawlings (Orbitz Worldwide), Greg Burton (Orbitz Worldwide)
Office Hours
Table 2 (Exhibit Hall)

Bring Ori and Greg all your follow-up questions to their talk on “How Shifting to a DevOps Culture Enabled Performance and Capacity Improvements.” They’re ready tackle the following subjects and more:

  • DevOps
  • Performance tuning and optimization of back end systems
  • Questions about Orbitz Worldwide
Photo of Ori Rawlings

Ori Rawlings

Orbitz Worldwide

Orbitz Worldwide Software Engineer/Hacker and Illinois Institute of Technology alum

Photo of Greg Burton

Greg Burton

Orbitz Worldwide

Greg Burton began his career as a digital hardware application designer, but later shifted into his current role as a back-end software developer at Orbitz Worldwide. His current focus is site stability, scalability, and performance, and he leverages his previous experience in a wide variety of engineering organizations to find fruitful collaborations that further these goals.