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Office Hour with Benjamin Greenberg (Comcast Interactive Media)

Benjamin Greenberg (Comcast Interactive Media)
Office Hours
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This is your chance to get all the details about building and using a Hypermedia API. Bring Benjamin your questions about the following topics and any others on your mind:

  • Benefits and pitfalls of Hypermedia APIs
  • How to build, consume, and scale a Hypermedia API
  • How to build a human-browsable API
Photo of Benjamin Greenberg

Benjamin Greenberg

Comcast Interactive Media

Ben has been writing software since he was in short pants. After obtaining his degree in Computer Engineering and beginning to wear long pants, he became an experienced full-stack web developer working with a variety of open source technologies. He has since become focused on backend development and especially APIs.

He currently works at Comcast where he develops APIs that drive video streaming across set top boxes, mobile devices, and web sites for millions of customers. He resides in Philadelphia with his wife and too many cats.