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Office Hour with Dan Slimmon (Exosite)

Dan Slimmon (Exosite)
Office Hours
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Stop and talk to Dan about specificity, sensitivity and other finer details of monitoring, including:

  • Ways to reduce monitoring noise
  • Applying scientific techniques to ops
  • Math
Photo of Dan Slimmon

Dan Slimmon


Dan is in charge of ops for the Minneapolis-based machine-to-machine engineering firm Exosite. He’s responsible for developing the infrastructure that drives Exosite’s data platform toward ever-greater performance and reliability.

Before moving to the Midwest, Dan managed the operations team at Blue State Digital, whose SaaS online marketing platform is leveraged by hundreds of political campaigns and nonprofits.

Making frequent use of statistical methods and data visualization, Dan evangelizes for ubiquitous measurement in software development, infrastructure design, and really everything a business does.