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Make Your Data Talk: Analytic Techniques for Identifying Hidden Performance Issues

Steve Fox (DELL), Rob Dickinson (
Grand Ballroom E
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The history of application performance analytics over the past decade has largely been the story of developing alarm mechanisms for surfacing the set of performance factors that have the most impact on service delivery. Since most such analytics are based on comparisons in time (i.e. baselining), this raises the question, why not compare across other dimensions as well or even across multiple dimensions at the same time?

In our experience as performance analysts we would encounter certain characteristic problems. For example, we might see that the majority of slow pages were from a particular browser. This would initially appear to be significant until we realized that the majority of the traffic to the site was from that browser and therefore it was actually unlikely to be a browser-related issue. What we found far more significant for problem-solving was when we compared the relative ratios of errors or performance issues against patterns in traffic across different data dimensions. After years of doing this in the field, with pencil and paper, we decided why not automate the deductive process and pass the time savings on to you?

Since every application is different, we’ve taken these general ideas and created an analytic approach for identifying the differential patterns in performance data that are most applicable to your application and the way your customers use it. These correlative analytics and other innovative approaches are implemented in our upcoming software-as-a-service edition of Foglight Application Performance Monitoring.

Join us for an informative session on what’s under the hood and a live demonstration of these analytics in action.

This session is sponsored by Dell Software

Photo of Steve Fox

Steve Fox


Steve is Product Manager for Dell Foglight. His responsibilities at Dell are identifying key customer requirements and direction for Foglight, with specific focus on end user monitoring, mobile, and analytics. Steve has more than 20 years of industry experience across aerospace, telecommunications, search, natural language, and intelligent monitoring technology spaces, holding positions as a software engineer, system consultant, entrepreneur, and product manager. Steve holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington.

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Rob Dickinson

Over the last 20 years, Rob has led development of monitoring and performance solutions at Xaffire, Dell Software and Intel. He founded to strike a devops-friendly balance between deep API monitoring and the latest privacy and security standards. When Rob isn’t geeking out, he’s camping and snowboarding with his wife and three kids in Colorado.