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How to Adapt and Innovate for 2018

Cheryl Ainoa (Intuit Inc.)
Mission City Ballroom
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In March 1984, few thought the PC would become the biggest driver of economic growth and productivity since the industrial revolution. However, every consecutive four-year interval since then has produced a new disruption, and the present era has ushered in its own with mobile, social, and cloud technologies. It may seem as if the future will be just an extension of the last decade’s technologies, but if history is any indication, when we look back, in 2018, at the previous four years, we’ll see something as new and momentous as the milestones in the previous three decades.

Few companies and services survive beyond their disruption era and it’s only those that fall in love with the problem they are solving, not the method they are using to solve it, that persevere. For 30 years, Intuit has been building products that perform effectively at scale – from DOS to a services-based architecture that serves 45 million customers across mobile, web and desktop. Cheryl Ainoa, senior vice president, platform development for Intuit will discuss how to recognize the signs leading up to major disruption you and your company need to prepare for, and how to adapt to and embrace innovation for the future. She’ll share principles for understanding and solving real customer problems to inspire engineers to develop for the future, not just today.

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Photo of Cheryl Ainoa

Cheryl Ainoa

Intuit Inc.

Cheryl Ainoa is the Chief of Product Development Operations for Intuit where she focuses on maximizing the agility and productivity of Intuit’s product development teams and the development of platforms and central technology. Previous to her current role, Cheryl spent 8 years at Yahoo! in roles of increasing scope and impact. As the VP of Engineering for Yahoo!‘s Media group, she led the teams that developed and managed the #1 Media products reaching over 70 million people worldwide. These include Yahoo’s Finance, Sports, News and Entertainment products. As the SVP of Global Service Engineering for Yahoo!, she led the teams that managed all Yahoo! applications in production worldwide. Prior to Yahoo!, Cheryl spent 15 years in positions of technical leadership at companies such as Broderbund Software,, Healtheon/WebMD, Informix Software and Impac Medical Systems. Cheryl has a B.S.E.E from Washington State University and an MBA from Santa Clara University.