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Office Hour with Philip Tellis (SOASTA, Inc)

Philip Tellis (SOASTA)
Office Hours
Table 3 (Exhibit Hall)

Drop by after Phillip’s tutorial with any questions you have on resource timing, user timing, and other web performance topics, including:

  • Real user measurement
  • Performance in the browser
  • Scalability
Photo of Philip Tellis

Philip Tellis


Philip Tellis is a geek who likes to make the computer do his work for him. As Chief Architect at SOASTA, he analyses the impact of various design decisions on web application performance, scalability and security. He is also the lead developer of “boomerang” — a JavaScript based web performance testing tool.

Philip has spoken at several conferences in the past, including FOSS.IN, FREED.IN, Ubuntulive, Linux Symposium, PHP Quebec, ConFoo, FOSDEM, IPC, WebDU, Velocity and JSConf.

In his spare time, Philip enjoys cycling, reading, cooking and learning spoken languages.