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Beauty or the Beast: The Tale of Your Mobile App

Rob Kwok (Crittercism)
Grand Ballroom E
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In today’s mobile market, there are well over 2,000 device manufacturer models, over 100 versions of mobile operating systems and 600+ carrier networks worldwide that vary drastically from region to region – apps in India experience nearly 3x the lag time of apps in Canada. These factors alone mean there are over 100 million different configurations that could affect the performance of mobile apps. Add to this the average app depends on six different cloud services, such as Facebook (for logins), Amazon Web Services, and Flurry (for analytics), and developers face a daunting task understanding how their apps are performing in the wild. There are so many uncontrollable factors across devices and, when managing millions of app loads every day, it’s impossible to account for every possible scenario when building and testing your app.

Performance is critical to the success of mobile apps but few companies have the detailed insight into key mobile app metrics or the understanding of how their app fares against competitors to give them the edge they need. In particular, companies need better solutions to track and trend mobile app uptime and app responsiveness.

This session with Crittercism CTO, Rob Kwok will touch on the importance of not only collecting and analyzing performance and benchmark data but the common questions companies have about the performance of their mobile apps:

  • How does my app perform compared to other apps in my industry?
  • What kind of mobile app uptime should I expect on iOS or on Android?
  • If I enter a new geographic market, what impact will it have on my app’s responsiveness?
  • What latencies or error rates should I expect my cloud services deliver to my app?
  • How does performance vary across popular 3rd party web services my app depends on?

These are important questions to answer and benchmark as today’s mobile app performance can impact a company’s bottom line, brand, and customer satisfaction. Getting a solid grasp of how well your app stacks up against comparable apps is critical. With thousands of other apps available to consumers, switching costs are low and a user will quickly delete an app if it underperforms.

With over 1 billion monthly active users, running tens of thousands of apps, Crittercism holds a unique position in the industry. As such, Crittercism CTO, Rob Kwok, will provide attendees with a robust look at surprising, current, and relevant industry benchmark data on the performance of mobile apps.

This session is sponsored by Crittercism

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Rob Kwok


Since graduating from MIT with a full scholarship in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Comparative Media Studies, Rob Kwok has become a database and mAPM guru. Whether it’s diagnosing performance, monitoring databases, discovering which cloud services lag, or pinpointing specific lines of bad code, Rob can identify how to leverage data to make strategic decisions that ensure an entire user base experiences top-notch app performance regardless of the customers’ device, carrier, or location. Under Rob’s guidance, Crittercism powers performance monitoring for mobile apps of nearly 1B active users 30B app loads per month and 3B events per day sessions — for customers like Netflix, LinkedIn, and Disney and AT&T.