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A 5 Minute Checklist for Application Monitoring

Ernest Mueller (Copperegg)
Mission City Ballroom
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Application monitoring has become significantly more complicated since the deconstruction and dispersion of the application ecosystem. Components that were once contained within a physical system are now deployed across multiple technology stacks and in many cases span multiple cloud types.

During this session we’ll discuss a fundamental checklist for application monitoring that will ensure that your setup not only for the applications you manage today but those that you’ll be responsible for in the future. We’ll also introduce multiple types of APM solutions such s network-centric and server-centric APM and review their strengths and weaknesses.

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Ernest Mueller


Ernest has worked in tech for 20 years on an ever-changing mix of system administration, Web operations, e-commerce, cloud, DevOps, Agile, SaaS, and engineering management in shops like FedEx, National Instruments, Bazaarvoice, and others. Currently he is a product manager at Copperegg, helping to deliver easy and affordable monitoring to all. He writes about all these topics at