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Building Self-Adaptive Autonomous Infrastructure with an Advanced Monitoring Architecture

James Colgan (Rackspace)
Mission City Ballroom
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Infrastructure demand can be volatile and difficult to predict. Bigger, more complex web applications make manually handling dips and spikes in load unsustainable. Build a self-adaptive autonomous infrastructure to get out of DevOps fire drills and focus on the business value you deliver to customers. But how do you do that? This lightening talk will show you the high-level architectural components you need to make your infrastructure resilient in an increasingly unpredictable age.

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James Colgan


James has 20 years experience working in high tech as a product management and product marketing executive. His experience spans many fields of the digital landscape, including embedded systems at Panasonic, processors at National Semiconductor, enterprise software startups, and for the last six years cloud computing. Most recently, James joined Rackspace as a senior product manager. Graduating top of his class with a degree in electronic engineering in England, James subsequently worked for six years in Japan as an engineer and business unit manager. Fluent in Japanese, James holds two patents in embedded processor architectures.