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How Did Your Organizational Learning Game Come Up?

Andrew Clay Shafer (Pivotal)
Culture & Organizational Change
Grand Ballroom E
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After ‘There Is No Talent Shortage’, and some other talks that introduced ideas from Organizational Learning research, Andrew received a number of questions about what to ‘do’? A longer session would expand and clarify more details of the ‘7 dimensions of organizational learning’ and the ‘dimensions of organizational learning questionnaire’ in an attempt to make the information more readily actionable.

The principles won’t necessarily be web performance or operations specific, but most of his examples will be drawn from his own career in software and delivering services, which should hopefully appeal to a Velocity crowd. Andrew’s goal would be to give people enough exposure to these ideas that they would be able to take something away that would be meaningful for their own context. He will likely also show bits from Schneider’s model of culture and Senge’s thoughts on System Thinking.

Photo of Andrew Clay Shafer

Andrew Clay Shafer


Some people are born to web operations and some people have it thrust upon them. Andrew Co-founded Puppet Labs to help organizations build better systems with better tools, then went on to have many adventures in the cloud.

He’s currently only working on passion projects and hopes to keep it that way.