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Kicking Down Silos for Fun and Profit

Ryn Daniels (HashiCorp)
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GameChanger is changing how amateur sports teams collect, manage, and share information in real time. In 2014 we expect to approach 10 terabytes of data, with billions of records- in one hour on a Saturday in March, our users will score more baseball games than an entire season of all teams in MLB. We are working with a market of 16 million teams annually, meaning that our product has to scale, both on the web and in our mobile app.

Growing our product successfully on both the web and mobile fronts meant that we had to reconsider our development process. We found it difficult to develop features for both platforms by trying to keep a mobile development team in sync with a web development team. How could we adjust our process to speed up the release time and increase the quality of the features we need to deliver to both web and mobile customers? More importantly, how do we track accountability, define completeness, and measure success for a project that spans multiple teams and report to multiple people?

This talk will dive into detail about how GameChanger switched from horizontal (web, mobile, QA, design) teams to vertical product- or feature-oriented teams and how this benefitted both us and our customers. It will review mistakes that were made along the way, what we learned from them, and specific cultural and process changes that enabled this strategy. It will discuss topics like how we used the new team structure to keep employees motivated and engaged, how we changed our metrics for success to better reflect the team’s actual goals, and the changes that we saw as a result of more accountability across the board.

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Ryn Daniels


Katherine is an operations engineer at, where she focuses on automation and monitoring while occasionally dabbling in beer-driven development. Before escaping to the world of operations at NYC-based startups, she spent a few years doing QA and systems engineering in the corporate world. She lives in Brooklyn with a perfectly reasonable number of cats, and in her spare time can often be found rock climbing or making hot sauce.