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Speed Kills: When Faster Pages Mean Less Revenue

Eddie Canales (CrossChx)
Mission City Ballroom B1
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Near the end of 2013 we were able to make the much needed decision to rebuild our site on a brand new platform. With our new technology toolbox we built a page that was twice as fast! It was lighter, faster, delivered the ads sooner, and even used responsive web design. We were so excited to see the impact on revenue and give our users precious seconds of their lives back. Then we saw the results – the new faster page resulted in a 17% drop in revenue. Not only was this demoralizing, it was just plain confusing.

After we shook off the frustration, we got back to it and went through many rounds of multi-treatment tests to get to the bottom of this bizarre outcome. We re-learned the impact a single pixel of spacing can have, a user’s perceived speed vs. actual speed, and the frustrations and challenges of building a fast site while making money from ads that are inevitably not fast enough.

In this presentation Eddie will show some of the interesting, strange, and sad discoveries about what kinds of speed matter, the importance of testing, and how we eventually made the right speed improvements (including ad speed improvements) to end up with a revenue gain instead of a 17% decrease.

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Eddie Canales


I’ve been a software engineer at for 10 years and I’m recently focusing on front-end web development in Node/Angular/Bootstrap. I’m a web speed enthusiast and so my desire in life is to build, as my 5 year old once said, “something as cool as a cheetah wearing a rocket pack and roller skates.”