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Accelerate Your User Experience with Client-side JavaScript

Joe Wells (Intuit Inc.)
Grand Ballroom F
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Client-side JavaScript is fast. It not only performs well in the browser, but it unlocks an entirely new world of experience possibilities. The new QuickBooks Online product is regarded as the fastest cloud accounting solution available, and this performance comes not only from the code, but also from the way the team intently designed the experience to take advantage of client-side JavaScript.

If you are a designer, or work with designers, you’ll want to attend to learn how a rich client-side framework can make complex experiences, such as accounting, fast and elegant.

If you are a developer, you’ll want to attend to learn some of the frameworks and techniques that scale to thousands of lines of JavaScript, while maintaining end-user performance in the browser.

If you are a product manager, you’ll learn the business benefits of moving to a rich client framework, like achieving immediate global performance gains.

This session is sponsored by Intuit

Photo of Joe Wells

Joe Wells

Intuit Inc.

Joe Wells is a VP Fellow at Intuit, working on the next generation of worldwide small business solutions. Joe loves the grand challenge of solving for such a complex space as small business accounting, while at the same time trying to bring consumer ease and delight into the space.