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Scale and Adapt - How We Built Responsive BBC News

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Life used to be easy. We created sites to work on a few browsers and when we had time we asked the new guy to build a half baked mobile version. Then the device explosion ruined our cozy happy dev life. This talk will discuss how BBC News met this challenge at scale.

  • How we support as many devices as possible using responsive design
  • Why performance is key to our success and how we managed to keep the site lean
  • How we scale to serve BBC News to the masses
  • What tools we use to help us along the way
  • How our culture had to change to embrace Mobile First
  • How we support 27 different languages – right to left and some funky fonts
  • How we plan to migrate iteratively to the cloud from traditional hosting

John Cleveley


John is Tech Lead at BBC News and currently migrating the News site to a dynamic platform. Concentrating on building features mobile first using responsive web design all the way up to desktop.

BBC News has a truly global audience, delivering some of the only unbiased journalism available in some parts of the world. This has reinforced his passion for device support and producing sites that absolutely fly.

Loves canoeing, ale and Radiohead – preferably all at the same time :) Find him at @jcleveley.