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Responding to RWD – A Case Study of Managing Change within the Enterprise

Nicole Harris (Nationwide), Brian Greene (Nationwide)
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In 2013 a Fortune 100 company decided to launch into the world of RWD. The pilot project consisted of 56 custom sites being launched into the responsive landscape. The sites spanned across two assets owned by siloed IT departments within the organization: of thousands of pages inside a CMS, as well as a custom account management system.

In working in an insurance and financial services company, while back end services are state of the art, the front-end has never been core focus. Because of this organizational responsiveness to RWD was a large hurdle to cross. We will discuss how a lynchpin project can establish a framework for successful implementations across other assets and departments.

In this case study we will discuss:

  • How to manage change across multiple projects, departments, assets, and hundreds of resources
  • Successes and limitations of changing an enterprise software development process
  • How development decisions of one team can influence others
  • How front end performance and development can become a core focus for IT
Photo of Nicole Harris

Nicole Harris


Nicole is an Interaction Design Consultant at Nationwide, responsible for overseeing large projects and uniting disparate departments within the organization. Her expertise lies in establishing repeatable frameworks that can be carried out across IT and User Experience teams. With a focus on forward-thinking scalable solutions, Nicole spends her time designing interface solutions and creating defined digital strategies. She has a masters in Human Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech.

Photo of Brian Greene

Brian Greene


Brian Greene has worked at Nationwide for 4 years in the User Experience group. After two years as an Interaction Designer, he moved into his current position, Creative Technologist. His primary role is to create functional prototypes and to work with IT on presentation-layer development and collaboration. Brian graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Computer Graphics.