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Debugging and Tuning Mobile Web Sites with Modern Web Browsers

Troy Miles (Kelley Blue Book)
Grand Ballroom AB
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
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In this tutorial Troy will demonstrate using modern web browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Opera to debug mobile website. He will also show how to improve website performance with the aid of a browser. And finally he will show how to find the source of programming’s most dreaded bugs, a memory leak.

Part I – Debugging

  • Understanding the scope of the problem
  • Debugging without a debugger
  • Introduction to weinre
  • Chrome, Safari, and Opera to the rescue

Part II – Performance Measuring & Improving

  • How fast is 4G?
  • Throttling your website
  • Turning off caching

Part III – Memory Leaks

  • Intro to memory leaks
  • Why its your fault?
  • Determining that a leak exists
  • Finding the cause of the leak


Attendees will need to have the following browsers installed to follow along:

* Chrome
* Opera
* Safari
* IE 11

We will mainly focus on Chrome since it is the most cross platform, but Troy will show examples in the others.

Also, this document will provide instruction on downloads we ask you to have done PRIOR to the conference.

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Photo of Troy Miles

Troy Miles

Kelley Blue Book

Troy Miles currently has fun writing full stack code with ASP.NET MVC or Node.js on the backend and web or mobile up front. He started coding over 30 years ago, cutting his teeth writing games for C64, Apple II, and IBM PCs. After burning out he moved on to Windows system programming before catching Internet fever just before the dot net bubble burst. After realizing that mobile devices were the perfect window into backend data, he added mobile programming to his repertoire. He randomly posts interesting code nuggets on his blog.