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Monitoring with Ganglia

Vladimir Vuksan (Fastly)
Grand Ballroom CD
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
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This talk will cover

  • An intro to Ganglia concepts (Grid, Clusters, Hosts)
  • An installation of a sample monitoring grid

We will go through the following commonly used visualization tools and how they may aid in detecting issues, identifying causes, and taking corrective action.

  • Cluster/Grid Views
  • Aggregate graphs
  • Compare Hosts
  • Custom graph functionality
  • Views
  • Interactive graphs
  • Trending
  • Nagios/Alerting system integration
  • How to add metrics to Ganglia
  • Different export formats such as JSON, CSV, and XML
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Vladimir Vuksan


Vladimir Vuksan (Fastly Operations) has worked in technical operations, systems engineering and software development for over 15 years. Prior to Fastly, he has worked at Broadcom, Mocospace, Rave Mobile Safety, Demandware, University of New Mexico implementing high availability solutions and building tools to make managing and running infrastructure easier. He is also one of the developers on Ganglia, an incredible useful performance tracking and trending solution.