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Making Your Dream a Reality: Raising Money for Your Web Operations or Web Performance Idea

Kyle Redinger (VividCortex, Inc.)
Culture & Organizational Change
Grand Ballroom F
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Part 1 – Setting Expectations

How do you think about forming the company?
What is vesting?
Do I need to raise money? How much?
Why is team diversity so important?
What are the key things investors look for in an early stage company?
How do you communicate your idea?

Part 2 – Protocol for Raising Capital

Now that you have your idea formalized, how do you raise capital?
What process do you use?
What expectations should you have about timing and terms?
How do convertible notes differ from equity purchases?
What are other non-traditional ways to raise?

Part 3 – Cap Tables, Option Plans and Term Sheets

What is a capital table?
How do option plans and term sheets impact your business and ownership down the road?
Why is thinking long term about financing important now?
How do I model all these complicated things together?

Part 4 – Post-Financing Obligations

Once you’ve raised money, what’s next? Money isn’t free. There are time and operational costs associated with managing investors.
How do you balance investor expectations with the reality of product development and customer needs?
What are best practices for investor communication?
How do board meetings work?

Photo of Kyle Redinger

Kyle Redinger

VividCortex, Inc.

Following a tenure at Microsoft, Kyle has started, managed, grown, and sold businesses across a wide range of verticals including consulting, media, fitness, and event management. In addition, Kyle has extensive experience helping consulting clients sell their businesses, including exits to Fortune 500 buyers. Entrepreneurial by nature, Kyle is skilled in fundraising, sales and marketing, and business development. He holds an MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business and the co-founder of VividCortex.

Kyle has lead fundraising for VividCortex and raised over $2.7 million (on very good terms) from investors such as Battery Ventures, founders from IPOed tech startups, and hedge fund wizards.