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Upgrading the Web - Driving Support For New Standards

Jonathan Klein (Attend)
Mission City Ballroom B1
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There are two classes of improvements that this talk will cover:

1. Server side changes, like SPDY and HTTP Origin/Hop Hints

2. Browser changes, like support for WebP, Client Hints, and pre-fetching

The talk will go over each technology briefly, and cover the current state of support. Then Jonathan will take a real world example of a typical site and show what the performance improvement would be if all of these technologies were leveraged to the maximum and supported fully by all browsers that visited the page. We’ll compare before and after views with WebPagetest, and put some bounds on the opportunity that we are missing out on because of delays in support for new standards.

Finally, the talk will close with a call to action – encouraging people to reach out to CDNs, standards bodies, and browser vendors to ask for support. The primary purpose of this talk is to raise awareness about these options and push the industry and the web forward by getting more people talking about and asking for adoption.

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Jonathan Klein


Jonathan is a software engineer at Etsy, where he focuses on solving web performance and scalability challenges. Prior to working at Etsy he spent almost four years at Wayfair, where he led the team that converted the primary tech stack to PHP/Lighttpd/FreeBSD. He started and organizes the Boston Web Performance Meetup Group, and he contributes to a few open source projects, including the HTTPArchive and CSSLint. Jonathan blogs regularly at and can be found on Twitter at @jonathanklein.