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Introduction to Docker: Containerization Is the New Virtualization

James Turnbull (Glitch)
Grand Ballroom CD
Tutorial Please note: to attend, your registration must include Tutorials on Tuesday.
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You’ve heard the hype about Docker and container virtualization now see it in action. This tutorial will introduce you to Docker and take you through installing it, running it, and integrating it into your development and operational workflow.

We’ll explain why Docker exists and why you should care about it. We’ll then take you through a variety of hands-on exercises designed to turn you from a Docker beginner into a seasoned user including:

  • Installing Docker
  • Creating our first Docker container
  • Building Docker images
  • Storing and retrieving Docker images from a Registry
  • Building containers from images
  • Using Docker for sandboxing and testing
  • Deploying applications with Docker

By the end of the tutorial you will be familiar with the why of Docker. You will also be able to perform most of the basic tasks needed to get started with Docker and integrate it into your working environment.


Attendees will need:

* A laptop
* Access to a terminal session and an SSH client so you can SSH into the lab environment
* Basic Linux command line skills including the ability to navigate the file system, start and stop services, basic understanding of how to use an editor, and very basic understanding of Linux networking

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James Turnbull


James Turnbull is the author of seven technical books about open source software and a long-time member of the open source community. James authored the The Logstash Book and The Docker Book. He also wrote two books about Puppet (Pro Puppet and the earlier book about Puppet as well as Pro Linux System Administration, Pro Nagios 2.0, and Hardening Linux.

For a real job, James is VP of Services for Docker. He likes food, wine, books, photography and cats. He is not overly keen on long walks on the beach and holding hands.