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Velocity - Convince Your Manager

You want to come to Velocity, and why wouldn't you? When it comes to keeping your skills current, there's nothing like Velocity with its nonstop focus on the latest practices, tools, and technologies in web operations and performance. You'll spend three days among the sharpest minds in the industry and come away with knowledge you can apply immediately to your work.

Plus, you know that what you learn at Velocity will be worth the investment of your time away from the office, many times over. If you're worth your salary now, you'll be even more valuable after Velocity.

But convincing your boss to send you can be a hassle. You've got to send emails and have "the discussion" about why you should go. It almost makes you want to say, "My boss would never send me anyway" and be done with it. And then another year goes by, and no Velocity.

Relax. Here are three steps to make it easy:

1) Prepare in advance

2) Be ready to demonstrate the value

  • With the Velocity app (or on the website) you can note the sessions you plan to attend using the Personal Schedule (accessible once you've registered). After Velocity, we'll send you a recap of the sessions you attended, which makes compiling your Trip Report much easier.
  • A few weeks before Velocity, the Attendee Directory becomes available. Use it to note and contact people you're interested in meeting.
  • Posting about your sessions on social media is a great way to record your personal Velocity experience. It also let colleagues see what you're learning. Review your posts after the conference for a recap. The official Twitter hashtag is #Velocityconf.

3) Post-Velocity: Share what you learned

  • Use your Personal Schedule, social media information, and the Velocity Trip Report Template to create a report detailing what you gained from the conference. Supplement it with links to speaker slides and keynote videos posted during and after the event.
  • The 3-day All Access Pass is the best value for Velocity and comes with a Complete Video Compilation of all recorded tutorials, keynotes, and sessions, so you can catch up on any presentations you missed and share with co-workers who were unable to attend.

Top Five Reasons to Attend Velocity 2014

  1. Operations: At Velocity, you'll learn what's important to monitor and when, understand which metrics make a difference, see how some of the world's largest sites deal with config management, failover, downtime, best practices, and other key issues in the operations side of the Web.
  2. Web Performance: If you measure your success in milliseconds, you'll find your time well spent as you immerse yourself in the latest tools, technologies, and expert advice on getting your site to perform at warp speed.
  3. Mobile: As mobile takes center stage with consumers, user expectations have skyrocketed. At Velocity, you won't just get the tools you need to make the mobile web faster, you'll learn how to measure, analyze, and improve mobile performance, including how UX/UI plays a key role in performance. You'll improve operations and deployment so your apps are never out of date or unavailable.
  4. Culture & Organizational Change: Are you ready to fully embrace a culture of performance and operations in your company? To stay resilient, manage complex systems of both the technical and human varieties, in the face of near-impossible odds? Future-proof the health of your organization with the right skills from Velocity's Culture track.
  5. The Big Picture: After three days of super-intense focus on web ops and performance, spent among some of the best minds in the field, you'll find that Velocity has changed the way you approach your work—for the better. From the keynotes and sessions to the exhibit hall and networking opportunities, every aspect of Velocity is structured to make you better at what you do.

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