Architecting for Scale: How the Right Infrastructure can Support Dramatic Scale with Zero Downtime and Performance Gain

Gavin Roy (MeetMe), Robert Blackburn (Equinix, Inc.)
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MeetMe, Inc. is no stranger to growth. The leading global social platform is one of the most highly trafficked sites in the US, registering a new user every second — more than 86,000 a day. This growth represents a 300 percent increase over last year. With such a dramatic spike in subscribers– primarily accessing on mobile devices – it is critical for the company to be able to scale on-demand with no downtime and minimal latency. In this presentation, MeetMe’s chief technical officer, Gavin Roy, together with Equinix vice president, Robert Blackburn, will outline how the company tackled this growth from an operational perspective. Roy will outline the physical infrastructure, software stacks and the importance of interconnection and peering to mobile carriers that helped accelerate growth and enabled the company to enjoy significant performance gains.

This session is sponsored by Equinix

Photo of Gavin Roy

Gavin Roy


Gavin is the CTO of MeetMe, one of the most-trafficked sites in the United States. Gavin is the maintainer of Pika, the pure-python RabbitMQ library and is currently working on a book for Manning Publications, “RabbitMQ in Depth” due out in Winter of 2013.

Robert Blackburn

Equinix, Inc.


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