Building A Performance Lab For Mobile Apps In A Day

Ashray Mathur ( Inc), Susie Xia (Salesforce), Venkatesh Katari (
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(3.60, 5 ratings) has developed mobile apps using HTML5, iOS & Android. It is critical to keep these apps performant across frequent deployments to production. The apps were built for performance and tested in our mobile performance lab to continuously monitor speed, stability and longevity of all our apps and catch issues and/or crashes on multiple platforms and devices. Join us to learn the tools and techniques we use to build your own mobile performance lab! In this session, we will discuss:

  • How to define and set baselines
  • Performance metrics and instrumentations
  • How to keep the performance optimized from code check-in to rollout
  • Internal Monitoring to identify problems and avoid regressions
  • Real User Monitoring to gauge customer experience
  • App Crashes – How to detect and handle app crashes & memory leaks
  • Tools – Some very important tools that need to be in your toolbox
  • Perceived Performance – Importance of adding performance in app design

Join us to learn more on how to handle and measure mobile performance. We’ll discuss the challenges of mobile performance we’ve solved and the lessons we’ve learned from our experience. We’ll share the tools that will help people build their own mobile performance lab with little effort and help make these concepts a part of day-to-day app development.

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Photo of Ashray Mathur

Ashray Mathur Inc

Ashray Mathur is an engineer working on making mobile applications faster at During his time at Salesforce, he has been instrumental in evangelizing, defining and driving mobile performance initiatives for several mobile enterprise applications. He is primarily interested in performance measurement, modeling and tuning applications.

Photo of Susie Xia

Susie Xia


Susie Xia is a performance engineer in mobile at Salesforce. She works on stability/performance testing for mobile applications and automations.

Photo of Venkatesh Katari

Venkatesh Katari

Venkatesh Katari is a Mobile performance engineer at . Venkatesh has been building tools on iOS and Android to measure the front end performance on the mobile stack. He believes that the mobile performance measurement tools have to be on par with web browser based tools as of yesterday, and has been devoting his time to make mobile performance a better experience.


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