Why Is Your Web Performance Sluggish? Learn How To Crank Up Web Speed At A Live Panel Discussion

Moderated by:
John Spirko (Dell)
Andy Wahrenberger (Dell), Ramon Darrow (Dell), Leon Juan Carlos Estibariz (Dell), Rob Dickinson (resurface.io)
Sponsored, Ballroom E
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Is your web monitoring out of balance? Are you giving enough attention to API, REST and SOAP – especially as companies expand the web application partner channels and mobile applications? Join us on Thursday, June 20 at 2:00 p.m., as Dell product expert John Spirko leads a panel of web professionals who manage a very popular, very busy website. These members of Dell’s DevOps team will discuss the attributes of a SOAP request/response pair, why URL identification isn’t enough to pinpoint SOAP API issues, the two main perspectives to consider for SOAP API monitoring, how to deal with – and solve – real-time issues and much more.

The panel includes: Rob Dickinson – Lead Architect for Dell’s Performance Management product portfolio and member of the W3C “Web Performance Working Group.” Juan Carlos Estibariz – Web Performance Management Software Developer and member of the W3C “Web Performance Working Group.” Matthew Vann – Performance Engineer for Dell.com’s DevOps core, specializing in transaction tracing and memory profiling across a variety of IT stacks. Andy Wahrenberger – Operations Engineer for Dell.com’s DevOps core, specializing in performance stability across 300+ database and 400+ .NET applications.

This session is sponsored by Dell

John Spirko


John Spirko has over 15 years of experience leading product management efforts in the Software and Services industry. His specialty for the last 9 years has been on web application performance management. John has a passion for understanding customer issues that involve fast delivery of web content and he works with development teams to build software solutions that address those issues. He holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and an MBA from the University of California-Irvine.


My recent work has been around use cases that have to do with API’s and their effect on user experience but also the effect on business to business relationships. This is basically where your web application performance becomes dependent on some other system that is outside of your control or your application impacts another web application’s performance. It’s interesting, from a technologist perspective, to look at the many different ways that websites interact with other businesses through the use of APIs. There are the obvious use cases like native mobile applications that allow devices to interact through APIs instead of using web pages. There are also less obvious use cases such as an application that has to validate a business as part of an online process where part of the validation requires the application to do a Federal Tax ID lookup with the IRS.

Andy Wahrenberger


Ramon Darrow


2 years as Operations Architect for dell.com, responsible for application hosting, including performance, monitoring, infrastructure (compute, storage, networking), and operational procedures. About 5 years in APM.

Leon Juan Carlos Estibariz


Software Developer at Dell

Photo of Rob Dickinson

Rob Dickinson


Over the last 20 years, Rob has led development of monitoring and performance solutions at Xaffire, Dell Software and Intel. He founded resurface.io to strike a devops-friendly balance between deep API monitoring and the latest privacy and security standards. When Rob isn’t geeking out, he’s camping and snowboarding with his wife and three kids in Colorado.


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