There's Money In The Metrics: 3 Reasons Why You Need RUM

Connie Quach (SOASTA), Dave Cumberland (Shopatron)
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Balancing website demands and delivery capabilities is tough enough, but against a battlefield mosaic of customer empowerment and customer loyalty, there’s no doubt about it, we are forever in a new age revolving around our websites. While it’s easy to churn along with an online presence, it’s hard to generate the growth cash that comes from attracting new and earning the loyalty of existing customers. To meet this daunting challenge, organizations large and small are molding marketing and IT strategies together to deliver powerful, high-performance website presences that deliver premium experiences for customers.

For web performance professionals, this new age means having comprehensive management perspectives that include real user measurements. It means understanding more than just how your website is performing, but understanding the experience your customers are having with your most important online asset. Join us as we examine the three reasons why RUM needs to be part of your management arsenal so you can make it easier to make the hard cash.

This session is sponsored by Neustar

Photo of Connie Quach

Connie Quach


Connie Quach is Neustar’s Senior Product Manager responsible web performance management products and online services. Connie is a frequent industry speaker and organizes the San Diego Web Performance Meetup group, a neutral professional networking organization dedicated to web performance management. Connie has been in the technology space for nearly 15 years, managing products from cradle to grave and holds a business degree from California Polytechnic Pomona and a graduate degree from California State University, San Marcos.

Photo of Dave Cumberland

Dave Cumberland


Dave Cumberland is the Vice President of Engineering and IT at Shopatron. He is in charge of the availability, stability, security, and scalability of Shopatron’s systems. He also oversees application development and quality assurance for both product development and client services. Dave has worked in the web world for over 15 years. Prior to joining Shopatron, Dave managed software engineering teams at TransUnion Interactive. In this position, he led the development of new application services and the support of many platforms and architectures. Dave has also worked at several startup ventures with experience ranging from educational software to government contracts.

Dave holds a masters degree in Computer Science from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. His concentrations include software engineering, programing languages, and workflow modeling.


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