It’s 11 PM, Do You Know What Your Code Is Doing?

Steve Riley (Riverbed Technology)
Sponsored, Mission City Ballroom
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A nearly infinite array of variables can affect performance. Gaining control over these variables allows providers and enterprises to introduce a greater degree of consistency and high performance into any environment. How can this be done? As infrastructure morphs into code, what was once secret becomes revealed. An application-aware infrastructure, for example, allows organizations to detect degraded service, query current QoS usage, and collect detailed analysis of applications and user experiences. This information could be used to recommend QoS policy changes, which can be implemented on-the-fly across all network devices, and can even be specialized for particular users or customers. It’s time to move beyond writing applications to conform to the shape of the infrastructure. Instead, let’s program the infrastructure to get the most out of our applications.

This keynote is sponsored by Riverbed

Photo of Steve Riley

Steve Riley

Riverbed Technology

Steve Riley is a Technical Director in the Office of the CTO at Riverbed Technology. His specialties include the performance and security aspects of enterprise and cloud computing. Steve has a long career of public speaking, having participated in hundreds of events around the world. He is co-author of Protect Your Windows Network, contributed a chapter to Auditing Cloud Computing, has published numerous articles, and conducted technical reviews of several data networking and telecommunications books. At Riverbed, Steve concentrates on high-performance architectures that span multiple clouds, public and private; advises field teams and customers about secure deployments; and contemplates the future of networking. Before Steve joined Riverbed, he was the cloud security strategist at Amazon Web Services and a security consultant and advisor at Microsoft; in both capacities, he developed patterns and practices for secure deployments and operations. Steve is a member of the Kubuntu Team (which maintains Ubuntu’s KDE-flavored distribution) and is a global moderator of its community forum. Besides lurking in the Internet’s dark alleys and secret passages, he enjoys freely sharing his opinions about the intersection of technology and culture.


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