Office Hour with Barbara Bermes and Blake Crosby

Barbara Bermes (OANDA), Blake Crosby (Fastly)
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We will share details on how we improve performance for back-end and front-end (as they go hand-in-hand) with some real world examples using ESI/Akamai, automated performance tools during deployment.

We also share some insights on our hybrid framework for mobile devices and how we handle 3rd party scripts. In addition we can share information and findings about our local version of HTTPArchive and performance measurement tools.

Our presentation: The Canadian Public Broadcaster On A Diet: Slimming Down For A Whole Nation (Wednesday, 2pm, Grand Ballroom ABCD)

Photo of Barbara Bermes

Barbara Bermes


Barbara has been creating websites since the millennium and has always been passionate about the web and its capabilities.

After working for web agencies in Germany and Canada, she found her home in Canada‚Äôs national public radio and television broadcaster (CBC), where she developed all three CBC mobile sites and helped create apps. Barbara now enjoys the role as a senior mobile web architect and performance advocate for the entire digital team at CBC. Ranked as #29 of Canada’s Top Alexa websites, her passion at the CBC involves serving great web experiences to Canadians consuming the latest news on their mobile devices, wherever they are.

Twitter @bbinto //
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Photo of Blake Crosby

Blake Crosby


Blake is an Operations Engineer with Fastly, the smartest CDN on the planet.

Previously, he has been apart of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation team for over twelve years working in the fast paced news and media environment. During this time he has kept one of Canada’s most important websites available during major news events.

His intimate knowledge of web performance ensures that Fastly stays ahead of the curve with emerging technologies.


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