Optimizing the Critical Rendering Path for Instant Mobile Websites

Ilya Grigorik (Google)
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Users expect a fast and optimized experience regardless of whether they’re on a mobile or desktop browser – rightfully so! However, delivering instant mobile websites requires careful engineering: you need to account for every extra network roundtrip, tune your servers, and prioritize critical assets – aka, we need to optimize the critical rendering path to deliver best visual rendering performance.

In this session we’ll take a deep dive into the technical design and optimization criteria to help us meet these goals. As a bonus, we’ll demo some existing and upcoming tools we’ve been working on at Google to automate the process.

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Ilya Grigorik


Ilya Grigorik is a developer advocate and web performance engineer at Google. He spends his days and nights working on making the web faster and building and driving adoption of performance best practices.

Prior to focusing on web performance Ilya was the founder and CTO of PostRank, a social analytics company which was acquired by Google and became the core of social analytics reporting within Google Analytics. Whenever not thinking web performance, or analytics, Ilya can be found contributing to open-source projects, reading, or building fun projects like VimGolf, GitHub Archive and others.


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