How To Win Computers and Influence Reality

Adam Jacob (Chef)
Velocity Culture, Grand Ballroom ABCD
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Devops and Continuous Delivery are two of the strongest cultural trends in
Operations today, and much has been said about what exactly they entail (and
many, many arguments about what they do not.) As Chief Customer Officer for
Opscode, and a member of the Velocity community, I’ve had the pleasure of both
observing the behavior of hugely successful organizations and the despair
caused by businesses failing to successfully change how they operate.

In this session I’ll describe how:

  • Devops and Continuous Delivery are reactions to the same fundamental
    business forces – simply solutions to the problem driven from a different
    point of view.
  • The 5 key drivers of successfully transforming your organization into
    a healthy, agile, forward-leaning, awesome place to work.
  • Why the best advice about automation projects is the worst advice in
    the face of a transition this huge.
  • The idea that culture is more important than tools is wrong, if what
    you care about is actually transforming your behavior.
  • Why you must be prescriptive about the tool-chain you are going to
    use, and brook no dissent once you’ve decided.
  • How to organize and run the projects that will transform your business
    into a model of both Devops and Continuous Delivery.

On the way we’ll talk about globalization, playing guitar, configuration
management, cognitive science, and the propensity of middle management to
murder great ideas with the most soft and pleasant of pillows.

It’ll be a good time.

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Adam Jacob


A sixteen year system operations veteran, Adam is the Chief Customer Officer of Opscode, whose mission is to bring “Infrastructure Automation to the Masses”. He is the primary author of Chef, and spends his time working with companies on their gnarliest automation problems.

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Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
06/27/2013 6:50am PDT

@Bob, link to the slides are above or in my earlier post below. The video is available through the Velocity 2013 Complete Video Compilation—with recordings of all keynotes, sessions, and tutorials.

Bob Nugmanov
06/27/2013 6:12am PDT

I don’t remember there being slides. I’d love to see (and share) the video though, this is IMO by far the best “motivational” talk for the devops crowd from the conf.

Picture of Adam Jacob
Adam Jacob
06/21/2013 2:56pm PDT

Thanks for being so on top of it, Shirley. :) Sorry for the delay, folks.

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
06/21/2013 2:00pm PDT

@Brian, @Eric, slides are now available under Presentation above.

Picture of Shirley Bailes
Shirley Bailes
06/21/2013 2:15am PDT

Slides will be posted once we receive them from the speaker. If you missed anything at the conference, get the Velocity 2013 Complete Video Compilation – with recordings of all keynotes, sessions, and tutorials.

Picture of Brian Walter
Brian Walter
06/21/2013 1:13am PDT

Where can I find slides?

Picture of Eric McCraw
Eric McCraw
06/20/2013 3:13pm PDT

I very much would like the slides and video for this session, but don’t see either posted yet…


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